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Status Runeforge studio
« on: 28 October 2012, 20:50:09 »
I really love The Guild 2 Renaissance, and I'd wish the game will be updated once in a while, either using community's mods, or the ones from the staff.

Though I wondered, is it really actively been worked on, The Guild 2 Renaissance I mean?
Like a full time job or more as a hobby?

I see a lot of people that are red-coloured, meaning they are somehow from Runeforge studios.
So then I would think the game should be updated once in a while.
Or is there a new big project coming, which is being worked on?

The Guild 2 Renaissance has quite a few mods, some of them are great, some a bit less, but add more realistics in the game.
I have about 15 mods, all bug fixes etc downloaded and installed.
Why do you guys not add these as a patch? It also shows that you still work on this game, and I think people would appriciate it when their mod is being used...

Kind regards,
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Re: Status Runeforge studio
« Reply #1 on: 29 October 2012, 21:40:03 »

I cannot speak on behalf of Runeforge, but I can tell you that the people work on in part-time. There's noone working on it full-time, and I assume that they are just really busy with their lives right now. Working on a game like this, especially with the mods it becomes very hard to track down certain bugs, so new releases aren't all that easy. You do ask a few good questions though, I'd assume they haven't integrated the various different mods because a patch with bug fixes was planned, but not released yet.

I know from personal experience that sometimes work goes off-track, and a patch that was planned with a timeline of 1 month might be delayed for an additional 2 months and/or never released. Life isn't always straight forward and although there are good intentions, sometimes things just don't pan out the way they were planned.

For an exact status on the situation you will have to wait for someone from the studio to address your questions.

Sir Rogers