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The Guild 2 Renaissance Patch 4.20 - Newsticker CW47 2014
« on: 21 November 2014, 16:13:45 »
PLEASE NOTE: we are still fixing bugs - this changelog is preliminary!

***   The Guild 2 - Renaissance                                   
***   Version 4.2 (revised)                                       
***   November 21, 2014                                           
***   -----------------                                           

---   NOTE on avoiding OoS errors in multiplayer mode             
---   Do not edit the config.ini file if you want to play a       
---   multiplayer game. In 99% or all cases, an edited           
---   config.ini file will lead to an out-of-sync error.         
---   Additionally, we advise you to run the game as an           
---   administrator and to add The Guild 2 - Renaissance to the   
---   list of exceptions in your firewall.                       
---   Also ensure that you have full access rights to the         
---   installation folder of The Guild 2 - Renaissance.           
---   ModLauncher                                                 
---   The ModLauncher allows mods to be easily installed in       
---   The Guild 2 - Renaissance, without losing original files   
---   or saves.                                                   
---   The ModLauncher.exe can be found in the installation       
---   folder of The Guild 2 - Renaissance and should be launched 
---   before starting the actual game.                           
---   Modders can make their The Guild 2 - Renaissance mods       
---   available for the ModLauncher in a few easy steps.         
---   Instructions on how to do so can be found in the           
---   ModLauncher itself.                                         

4.2 (revised)
*** Fixed Bugs ***
- Bank: offering, taking and payback of credits optimized
  (thanks to Kinver and Fajeth)
- AI of the hospital was reworked (thanks to Kinver and Fajeth)
- Some chairs in the conference room of the city hall were not
- Pathfinding of the sims optimized
- The Calenberg map is now assigned to Germany
- Pub: "Assign to dance", "Assign to salacious services" and
  "Assign to >thief's service<" have been optimized
  (thanks to Kinver)
- "Curse a Building" at the cemetery is now functional
  (thanks to Kinver)
- Orchardist: bugfixes within the ai
- Bugfixes and reworks within all maps; amongst other things like
  optimizations for pathfinding and missing ressources
- Bugfixes with the titles Count, Marquess, Prince and
  Imperial Prince (thanks to McCoy!)
- The usage of perfume, jewellry and clothing had no effect
  (thanks to M.C.)
- The measure "Sit" in tavern and pub is now functional as provided
  (thanks to DarkLiz)
- It occured that the gravedigger of the local graveyard was not
  located near to the grave. Burial sequences were started in the
  middle of the map
- Bugfixes for pathfinding and interaction of the ai with the
  measures "Spend the night together", "Sweet-talk someone",
  "Take a bath" and "Ask to dance"
- Bugfix with the event of war
- Bugfix of an error in the waiting hall of the hospital, which
  caused from time to time that the patients were not treated
- The AI now uses "Paralysis Poison", "Black Widow Poison",
  "Toadslime" correctly
- Upgrading buildings now correctly spawns a scaffold.
- Fixed an error with fights
- "Press Protection Money" by AI optimized
- Fixed an AI-error with the use of alderman's chain
- Fixed a bug with the gaining of guild fame for the AI
- Especially during advanced games errors with diseases of AI sims
  could occur.
- In the bankhouse, during pickpocketing and during "thief's service"
  an error with the payment/pickpocket could occur.
- Fixed an AI-error with buying the raw-material-boxes from the
- Fixed some bugs in the logic of trials
- In the case of divorce an error could occur when the newly divorced
  partner tried to leave the residence.
- Fixed a bug with the repair-measure
- Fixed a bug with repairing carts
- Fixed a bug with "smuggling alcohol" in the divehouse. Additionally
  new feedbacks have been added.
- After year 1600 a bug with the towncrier occured
- Pathfinding of ambient sims (animals/ mule driver) have been
- fixed a bug with the visual feedback of favor gains during social
- Certain waypoints in the indoor of the monastery and hospital were
- Fixed a bug with the blackboard; sims no longer laugh about
  pamphlets against themselves.
- Fixed a bug with repairing the pirateship and fishing boat.
- During the measure "assign to thief's service" (divehouse) the
  cocotte forgot her workingplace after a success
- Fixed a bug with the assigning to buildings/ residences
  (e.g. inherit)
- The measure "Sit down" in the country estate was broken
- At the end of a feast a bug could occur
- Under certain circumstances a heavy bug could occur to AI sims and
  to the miller, which cancelled all current actions
- Fixed a bug with the title "Imperial Prince"
- An error occured if you tried to aquire a new title while you
  already had the highest possible title
- Fixed an AI error with sowing fields and meadows
- Fixed an exploit in the tavern: taking a bath/dance/bewitch only
  gives money to the owner if he doesn't use these measures himself.
- Upgrading a building no longer interrupts the current measure of
  the owner
- Patients which can't be treated because of the lack of money will
  not try to attend the doctor over and over again
- If the AI tries to buy a certain item because of their consume need
  won't spam the measure anymore, if the needed good is not available
  (multiple favor loss)
- At several situations and measures, the sims didn't use weapons
  (e.g. execution)
- Hospital: bedridden patients do not block the beds, when they have
  been already treated.
- The ai was able to send out their minor children to hijack their
- When changing the diplomatic status between two dynasties the favor
  is now set correct
... and many more ... 

*** Features & Content ***
- []
- []
- []
- []
- The old tutorial of Guild 2 has been ported to the game
- The city treasury is now simulated. The office incomes, payment for
  worker huts and unoccupied buildings and residences, aswell as the
  cost for war are now paid by the city treasury. Also to level up the
  city a specific amount gold has to be accumulated, the mayor will
  start the upgrade.
  The measure to embezzle public money was changed accordingly.
- "Review city treasury" is a new measure in the town-hall, which can
  be used by every citizen - but only office holders can see much more
  detailed information
- Changed town-logic: Much slower level-up of settlements and
  restriction of automatic construction of buildings in settlements;
  the monastery is no longer connected directly to a settlement, the
  guildhall is available at settlement-level "Town" or higher
  (Missions from the guild etc. are also available at settlement-level
  "Town" or higher), the arsenal and the parade ground are available at
  settlement-level "City" or higher (joining a war is also available at
  settlement-level "City" or higher)
- The age of AI-Enemies, as well as the number of their children and
  their age are now dependent on the dificulty
- AI-dynasties now do adopt orphans; that decreases the chance of
  dynasties dying early in-game
- AI now build towers
- The Map "Sherwood Forest" from the original "The Guild 2" has been
  changed and added to the game, so it can work properly in
  The Guild 2 - Renaissance 4.2
- New Maps:
  * The right of Magathaburg
  * The county of Bingenheim
  * The duchy of Weilerthal   
  * Fichtenhain and surrounding area
  * Area around Heiligenblut
- Remastered music:
  * 01_maintheme_new
  * 201_herbshouse
  * 202_crypt
  * 203_mill
  * 205_bank
  * 212_merc
- All classes can choose from a lot more hairstyles and hats
  (thanks to Fajeth)

*** Balancing ***
- Costs of forced marriage no longer depend on the title but on the
  liquid funds of the character Costs of forced marriage: 15% of the
  liquid funds
- Ill employees now tend to go to the Medic much faster
- Offices and titles: AI now tends to buy higher titles and 
  does not block the lower office layers any more
  (thanks to LordProtektor)
- Aggressiveness of the AI is now much more connected to the level
- Number of shadow dynasties now depends on the city-level
- "Dark Magic" now can convert items into (much more) valuable items
  or they give the play some money
- The EXP-gain of Sims has been reworked.
  Some actions caused a low EXP-gain, some a too high EXP-gain, some
  didn't cause any EXP-gain at all
- Cooldown for various measures added (thanks to M.C.)
- Cooldown for "Press protection money" set to 4 hours
- Buying a title via GodMeasure in the town-hall now costs as much as
  buying it directly with a character. But your character will only
  gain EXP by buying it directly.
- Chance of a war break-out has been changed
- Burglary and Razzia no longer possible at worker's huts
  Reason: Own employees could declare the feud on their employers
- HP of the mine and the woodcutter's hut increased massively, to make
  them being harder to conquer
- Changes to raw materials, intermediate goods and final products, to
  balance the market
- Production is now much more important than "train"
*** other ***
- Optimized the behaviour of Sims (inspired by Kinver)
- Camera in the lobby of the town-hall is more dynamic now
- Two new water textures have been added
- New buildings: small guildhall, small "town-hall", large monastery
- New 3D models for some plants
- Optimized combat (inspired by Kinver)
- Adding and removing pamphlets has been optimized (thanks to Kinver)
- Some textures have been reworked
- Gaining/losing favour is shown only if the player's dynasty is
  affected directly or indirectly.
- Sadly the maps "The Archduke of Tirol" and "The Kufstein Area" could
  not be repaired, so they had to be removed because of very bad
  performance and crashes
- The weapon "double axe" now is actually a double axe ...
- The warehouse does not need to be built close to a harbour to build
  ships any more
- Robbers wait at the robber camp for new orders and instead of
  hanging around in the city
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