Author Topic: Stripped of office - why? how?  (Read 1381 times)

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Stripped of office - why? how?
« on: 07 December 2014, 03:28:40 »
I have two family members as the sovereign and marshal. I start bombing the thieves guild owned by another dynasty with the aim of taking it over or tearing it down as sovereign. After a few bombings, I'm informed that my marshal has lost her office. This isn't during an election. When I centre on her, she is being arrested by some guards. I can't figure out if they're from my city or another city. I thought having immunity meant you couldn't be arrested. Could the emperor or king from the imperial city be behind this? How did I lose my office? My sovereign is not affected and soon attends a council meeting while his wife is being arrested.

I replayed this game and noticed that the dynasty who I'm bombing gave me a letter from Rome. I bought an indulgence, but was told I was without sin. I'm not sure if this affected anything here.

anyway I'm wondering what is going on here. I'm playing with the legacy mod.
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Re: Stripped of office - why? how?
« Reply #1 on: 07 December 2014, 16:06:46 »
I think one of the highest offices (can't remember which) has the power to strip someone of their office, maybe even their title.  I could be wrong though, or that could be a mod I'm thinking of.  Just mouse over each of the higher offices and take a look at their special privileges. 

If that's not it, then I'm not sure.