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Improved Courtship Restrictions
« on: 18 January 2015, 03:50:37 »
I would like to see the rules regarding which NPC's can be courted changed to make the game play more in keeping with the actual practices of the period, and to add a bit more strategy to the selection of a spouse.

The following restrictions currently in effect need to be replaced or re-engineered to make them more plausible.

I have no idea why the game will not allow a PC to court an NPC from a different town.  It certainly doesn't seem to be based on any sort of historical restriction, so I assume there is some sort of coding issues that makes it difficult.

Ideally I would suggest that this restriction is simply removed as its non-sense in game play terms.  But assuming that there is an insurmountable technical issue that renders it essential, then I would suggest that the game be enhanced to at least provide the player with a plausible, if contrived, excuse. 

Instead of the bland and meaningless message 'Wrong Town', which had me scratching my head for ages trying to work out what it meant why not have the NPC inform the suitor that he/she could not possibly consider any romantic liaison with someone who did not reside close by, and that they really had no desire to move to a foreign town should they be wed.  That at least explains the reason for rejection and gives the player a clue as to the in game solution.


I understand that the reason for this restriction is that the programming team couldn't come up with a way of handling in game assets when the last person in the owning family gets married.  So, instead they chose the easy option and banned those individuals from getting married. 

I find this a bit difficult to accept as an excuse.  After all if the NPC doesn't marry then sooner or later they will die anyway.  So, stopping them marrying is only going to delay the inevitable, and when it does happen, as it surely will, then there must be a routine for dealing with it.  And if there is a routine for dealing with it when a family becomes extinct then why not use the same routine for when the the last member marries.

In fact, there are a number of valid ways of dealing with the Last Family Member issue.

1. Generate a long lost relative, add them to the NPC's family (problem solved).  In fact, why doesn't the game routinely seek families that are on the verge of extinction and repopulate them? 

It would be perfectly reasonable to find that long lost relatives suddenly start popping out of the woodwork if they got a sniff of an inheritance from a long lost uncle or Aunt thats about to peg it.

2. Let the successful suitor inherit their spouses worldly goods upon marriage.  In other words a legitimate merging of their business empires through marriage, a common strategy in this time period.  In fact, usually the more likely reason for marriage than actual love.  I recognise that this might involve some extensive recoding, but from what I've read the game used to work like this in Guild 1, so somebody must know how to do it.

3. If the actual transfer of businesses etc. proves to be too complex then invoke the family extinction function to deal with the spouses assets, and simply add the value of those assets to the successful suitors bank balance as their dowry.  It might be a bit annoying if they were really marrying the suitor in the hope of getting their hands on the farm they own, but at least they have the money to go out and buy one similar.


Obviously if one were to allow anyone to court anyone then the opportunity arises to use marriage simply as an exploit.  e.g. The player seeks out the richest NPC in the game who is single and makes a bee-line for them in order to add the value of their business empire to their characters bank balance.  Whilst this is perfectly valid business strategy which was used extensively in this period it could get a bit out of hand in the game if not subject to some additional restrictions.

Acceptable Social Standing

I would suggest that for courting to begin the suitor should be of acceptable social standing relative to the subject of their affections.  So, a Yeoman attempting to woo a Citizen would find themselves laughed at by the subject of their affections.  This would require the player to make a considerable effort to level the social playing field before being accepted as a serious candidate for the subjects hand.  There could be a degree of randomness to this rejection which might be varied by increasing your characters reputation with the subject and her family, it could even involve a bit of bribery to get the father to accept you.  But basically it would stop a beggar walking up to a Lady Mayor and becoming rich overnight by sweeping her off her feet.

Bride Price and Dowries

Bride Price: I would also suggest that the benefits to be gained by marrying above your financial standing ought to be subject to financial conditions too.  Just as the social standing of both parties should be considered, so should their relative family wealth.  Thus if a straight comparison reveals that the suitor is poorer than the subject of their affections then the subjects family would insist on a Bride Price to be paid in order to prove that the suitor is serious and not just a scoundrel out to marry into money.  I would suggest that the Brides Price should be 50% of the difference between the assets of the suitor and the subject.  e.g. Timothy Rycroft wishes to court Blanche Dyall.  Tim has total assets of 23,000, whilst Blanche has 31,000, therefore Tim must pay a Brides Price to begin the courtship of (31,000 - 23,000)/2 = 4.000 florins.  This would be paid as a pre-requisite of being allowed to start the courtship, but would be refundable if the courtship failed or was abandoned.

This also raises the potential concern of the player to make good marriage choices for his children.  As the choice of suitor would either result in cash injection or an expense.

Dowries: The pay-off for Tim in investing 4,000 florins to secure the right to court Blanche is that upon her marriage she will be entitled to a dowry from her family.  The amount of her Dowry would basically be the money she would stand to inherit were she not to marry before her parents died.  In other words the value of her families assets divided by how many brothers and sisters are currently living (Note: maximising Blanches dowry could be an interesting project if Tim was a real villain).  But lets assume Tim is a decent sort of fellow and Blanche has two siblings, that means her dowry would be 10,333 florins.

These changes would make the whole courting process much more plausible and strategic for players.

Is there any chance of seeing anything like this in the future?
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Re: Improved Courtship Restrictions
« Reply #1 on: 07 April 2015, 04:42:37 »
Thanks for the descriptive suggestion (and your many posts on the various forums on this issue MrDidz)...

See,12484.msg23772.html#msg23772  for current work being done on a more comprehensive mod... no promises that you'll get all you asked for, but there has already been made some progress on some of the issues. Check in and back in every so often, because a mod like this will probably take some length of time.