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[Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview 2)
« on: 25 January 2015, 18:31:09 »

Idea was from some of the stuff I posted in xpressive_dan Eternal Life.

I was picking up modding and scripting in general, and decided to use those ideas for learning...

disclaimer: there is no mod intended for any release yet, as I am still learning the stuff (and have no confidence whether I can complete enough of anything for a proper "release") (anyway, need to find out why the mod launcher always crash on me...)

The basic idea is to take some of the need to make players immortal, or eternally young and slap some story/lore into it.
In this case, I chose the theme of Vampires.

Borrowing lots of ideas from a white wolf wiki (makers of rpg game system Vampire: The Masquerade among others, I put together a small mod to learn how the game/scripts work.

Preview #1: First Blood

Preview #2: Disciplines and Skills

Summary of features: (Detailed version in another post)
  • Become a Kindred (Vampire)
  • Suck blood and make more kindred
  • Kindred do not age, and is immune to diseases
  • Kindred are also sterile... if you want to have children, do so before becoming undead...
  • Sun damage - Kindred take damage from the sun. The amount of damage varies over the day, peaking at noon. Stay indoors. This can be disabled from config.ini though. Day lengths now vary slightly with season
  • Holy ground damage - Kindred take damage if they enter holy ground. Also can be disabled via config.ini. The damage is now varied by the faith level as well as religion. For matching religion with holy ground, the kindred will either take less damage if his faith is high (above 50), or more damage if it is low (below 50)
  • Having to deal with all the above hazards, vampires gain 2 basic abilities: Dark Kiss and Embrace
  • Dark Kiss - a fancy term meaning biting and sucking blood. Vampires can literally transfer HP from other sims to heal themselves.
  • Embrace - pass on the curse of vampirism. Note that this can be done to other sims not under player control as well. But only players under control can be commanded to bite another sim.Note that currently, there is no AI behavior customization for vampires not in player party, so they may get damaged under the sun, or get killed if they go to church.
  • NEW: Deep Sleep - kindred now regenerates HP faster when sleeping. But no changes done to the existing sleep code yet, so the player may have to wake the sim manually when his HP is full
  • NEW: Disciplines - Kindred can now spend "discipline points" to learn new levels of Disciplines that they have access to.
  • NEW: Discipline levels will enable corresponding skills (and improving some existing ones)
  • NEW: Skills can be activated for various effects. Currently, the sample one works similarly to the walking cane...
  • NEW: Most skills will cost blood (HP) to activate. Kindred with low HP (safety mark around 10% of maximum) will not be able to activate kindred skills
  • NEW: Debug console. can get properties or modify impact values dynamically in a game via "string commands"

Stuff to come?
  • More skills and powers
  • Kindred becoming more potent just by existing over time, reflected as Potency XP, as well as Potency Levels
  • Raising Potency Levels will give the players more "Discipline points' to spend on improving the skills
  • Kindred alignment: Humanity versus the Beast - vampires can choose whether to try to live as humanly as possible, or give in the the inner Beast, which can have impacts on powers and interactions
  • Ghouls, which are like temporary and weaker versions of the kindred. Kindred will need to feed blood (HP) to the Ghouls on a regular basis. If the stored kindred blood in a Ghoul (which automatically decreases over time) is exhausted, Ghouls will start aging at a very fast rate until they reach their true age, or they die from old age (especially true for very old ghouls who lived for centuries). But as long as there is kindred blood in them, they will not age, and can also gain potency, learn skill etc, but at a much slower rate, and have a lower "level-cap". Making your experienced workers Ghouls may allow you to exploit their skills beyond their normal lifespans :)

What I will be working on next
Potency xp/level which will tie up with Disciplines and Skills, making it possible to advance without using "cheats". (Though still no other way to introduce the first vampire into a game though)

Preview download
Not packaged for mod launcher (which I could not get mine to work properly). Not game-balanced. Try at your own risks.

alpha 2
alpha 1
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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview only)
« Reply #1 on: 25 January 2015, 19:30:49 »
Use fire effect when you are in church or the sun burns you. A vampire is burning when the sun is beating on it. Weakness to Holy Water, Garlic, Cross etc.
BTW I'm from Romania and my real name is Vlad if you known the legend... :P :))  ;D

When you get out and is day time or in church animation example.

-- You see the day + time to react
      Time = PlayAnimationNoWait("","cogitate")
      Sleep (2.5)
-- And burning effect
      GetPosition("", "ParticleSpawnPos")
      StartSingleShotParticle("particles/fire.nif", "ParticleSpawnPos",1,5)
      Sleep(1.5) -- Modify this that the sim to remain in one place as long as the flame is burning
-- You can use a different fire effect instead of fire.nif: fire1, flame_small, Flames1, flammen.

Now I say: @sublogic: Anyway, just random comments. Feel free to ignore. Meanwhile, will be looking forward to more progress on this mod!
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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview only)
« Reply #2 on: 26 January 2015, 02:59:27 »
Thks for the ideas! I welcome them wholeheartedly, and esp grateful that you gave explicit examples which will definitely helps me to learn the modding system.

RE: effects
May not be obvious from screenshot but those are already in. I used a smoke so that it is not too intrusive.
But I think I should make the effect vary. e.g. when it is light damage (1HP type, low relative to MaxHP) I will stick to smoke, but when damage per tick gets higher, I should use fire, perhaps multiple stages, with increasing "Sleep" as an additional penalty.

For the initial reaction when first receiving special damages, having a special reaction is a great idea! I currently have the sim say something random sometimes (20% iirc) when he gets damaged, but a special reaction when first receiving damage will be good. Sort of related to this, can anybody teach me how to tell if a person is currently in a cutscene (so that I can suppress random msgsay)? I tried using SimGetCutscene but I still get random speech sometimes while in the "kissing" animation...  But I should probably set all these Sim reaction as an option that can be turned off as well.

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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview only)
« Reply #3 on: 26 January 2015, 10:36:27 »
I really like your idea - I am a fan of White Wolf's Vampire pan&paper rpg :-)

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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview 2)
« Reply #4 on: 30 January 2015, 18:49:30 »
Added some more features and a 2nd image slideshow preview.

Feedback/comments/ideas welcome.

Below is a rough "plan"

* Immortality [~done]
- [done] Kindred remembers the the physical age and game time at which they experience the First Death (becomes undead)
- [done] Kindreds do not age physically (so theoretically will never reach the age they are supposed to die, according to lifespan?)
- Children who became kindred will not grow up
- [done] Kindreds are immune to diseases (any existing diseases or any "accidentally" caught, will be cured).
- [done] Kindreds know their true age, which is the sum of their physical age and the years they have been kindred.
- [done] Kindred are sterile (do not have babies). Optional via config.ini
- [idea] handle pregnancy? in native game, pregnant sims get confimed and be preventing able "Embrace" (not sure though), there could be changes/mods in the future which allows pregnant sims outside. So probably need to prepare some ideas to deal with this. Either get rid of baby (miscarriage...), ignore (vampire mom gives birth to mortal child?), or introduce special "half-kindred", which will probably need to grow up, as immortal vampire babies are... undesirable... maybe semi-immortality but still being able to age but at a much slower rate?)

* Clan, Bloodline and Generation [done/wip]
- [done] Mortals who are embraced by kindreds remembers them as their "Sire". (The embraced mortal is referred to as the "Childe", regardless of actual age and relation)
- [done] Kindreds keep track of their Clan, Bloodline and Generations which are inherited from their Sires (their generation is always 1 higher than their sire)
- [planned] Clan will determine skills and powers the Kindred can choose to develop
- [planned] Bloodline will determine unconditional traits that the kindred cannot choose.
- [done] Indicate Clan with impacts
- [planned] Indicate Bloodline with impacts
- [idea] Clan can be expanded into something that actually has scenario influence than just something to determine skills. E.g. scenarios can stage a Clan that interacts with players via quests
- [idea] Unknown Sire - Have a flag that determines whether the Kindred know his/her own Sire. for role-playing (e.g. a quest to find out who is the sire?)

* Potency and Rank [planned]
- [planned] Potency is like an alternate experience and leveling system for Kindred.
- [idea] Like normal rpg systems, kindred will be rewarded with potency experience by doing certain things.
- [planned] Unlike normal rpg systems, kindred will gain a latent potency just by staying alive over time (with generation giving a small penalty or bonus)
- [planned] Also, there may be some kindred actions that actually reduces this potency (e.g. creating a Childe. To balance against creating lots of offspring)
- [planned] For easier management of potency effects, I plan to split up potency into levels as well, it can be combined with Clan and Bloodlines to determine kindred skils/powers/abilities
- [idea] Generation may influence the rate of growth (in potency) as well as an upper limit to how powerful a kindred can become. Basically, the lower the Generation, the more powerful the kindred is.
- [wip] Ranks are special titles (usually social, but also representative of a kindred's actual power (which is usually dependent on age)
- [idea] Ranks are used more for RP interaction options (something like alternate titles for kindred). E.g. commanding respect or fear from kindred of lower ranks

* Dark Kiss [done/wip]
- Refers to biting and sucking blood
- Currently borrowed "kissing" animation and base scripts for customization
- [done] This will drain blood, represented by HP, from the target, and heal the kindred's HP if applicable.
- [done] It is possible to drain blood even if the kindred is not injured.
- [done] It is possible to die from draining blood (currently a small random chance if the target's MaxHP is less than the kindred's loss in HP)
- [idea] How much blood (percentage) the kindred will leave in the target or whether the kindred will respect this lower limit can be influenced by a Humanity vs Beast factor.
- [idea] The more humanly a kindred is, the higher chance it will leave the victim alive even if it is hungry for blood. Very high humane kindred will only take a small amount of blood from each victim, such that there will be less impact on the victim's day to day activities.
- [idea] Kindred who have less control on the inner Beast, will tend to be concern with own needs and will be more likely to kill a victim if the blood is required. Kindred on the extreme end who gives in to the inner Beast may just drain the victim to death even after their blood hunger is sated.
- [done] The current version is the "charm" version, which is similar to courting action and requires similar skills (and can failed in favor is too low). It will actually increase favor if successful.
- [idea] There can be another "force" variant which uses physical might or threats to be successful, useful for kindred who lacks the skills to take "charm" route. However, this will certainly end in negative favor no matter successful or otherwise (unless we start keeping track which sims have masochistic tendencies, which will raise their Favor?).
- [idea] There can yet be another "deceive" variant, where kindred who specializes in mental dominance, illusions and hypnosis can feed on a victim, leaving them with no memories if successful. (failure may still result in negative favor)
- [idea] Currently, there is not difference between a kindred applying the Dark Kiss on a mortal or another kindred. But draining blood from another kindred should have a separate set of effects (e.g. kindred blood being more potent, especially those from lower generations)

* Embrace [done/wip]
- refers to creating a new Kindred
- [done] it involves draining most of the target's blood, and letting the target drain some of the Kindred's own blood
- [done] currently implemented much like Dark Kiss (using the kissing social measure)
- [done] If successful, the new Childe will inherit kindred traits from the Sire (see Clan, Bloodline and Generation)
- [idea] May have similar variances to the "charm", "force" and "deceive" as Dark Kiss
- [idea] "charm" route will have the Childe having maxed favor to the Sire, indicating that the two parties and willing (and "loving"?)
- [idea] "force" route will have the Childe having minimized favor (zero?) to the Sire, indicating that the new Childe resents the Sire for making him/her an undead.
- [idea] "deceive" route will end up with a new Childe not knowing who their Sire is, thus no change in favor. This will require implementing the "unknown Sire" idea (see section Clan, Bloodline and Generation above)
- [idea] Alternate form creates "Ghoul" which has temporary immortality (don't age while there is kindred blood in them, but these decreases over time if not "replendished" regularly)
- [idea] Kindred will need to feed Ghoul with their blood regularly. But there will be an upper limit how kindred blood the Ghoul can contain at one time. Prbably determined as a precentage of the Ghoul's MaxHP.
- [idea] When Ghoul exhausts the kindred blood in their body, they will start to age at a VERY fast rate, until their reach their true age, or they die of old age before that.
- [idea] While it is possible to feed a Ghoul who had exhausted his/her kindred blood, the Ghoul's physical age will be fixed to the age when the new feeding occurs. The youth lost is gone forever.
- [idea] Ghouls will gain potency slower, have lower "level-limits" wrt learning disciplines, but will be resistant to sun light. ideal for ai workers of your business. just remember to feed them regularly.

* Damage from Sunlight [Done]
- [done] Feature option and configurable via config.ini
- [done] Kindred can be harmed by sunlight. They can avoid harm by staying indoors and going out only at night.
- [done] Sun damage varies over the day. Kindred can still find the times of dawn and dusk tolerable, but do avoid going out around noon.
- [done] Concept of sun resistance and sun tolerance. The former reduces the amount of sunlight the kindred absorbs, while the latter influences how much damage the absorbed sunlight actually does to the body. 
- [done] Combined with sun damage variances, increased resistance/tolerance will actually reduce the amount of day time that the kindred will take damage from the sun, maximized at noon. e.g. one kindred with average sun resistance/tolerance may take damage from sun 12 hours during the whole day (6am to 6pm), while another with resistance may only take damage within 8 hours of stronger sunlight (8am to 4pm)
- [done] the length of day time with sunlight damage varies with seasons and weathers. (longer day in summer, shorter day in winter, and reduced sunlight if there is cloud/rain)
- [planned] Kindreds can gain status or abilities which reduces the effects of the sun temporarily or permanently. Generation will also play a part in this (lower generation takes less damage from sun.)
- Some Kindreds, have so high sun resistance/tolerance that they can operate as normally as any other mortal (with just minor stings/itches here and there)
- [planned] The very few who had gained complete immunity are called the "Day walkers" (taking absolutely no damage even at noon)
- [done] (Default) option to just weaken the Kindred such that they fall unconscious (without killing them, so that if they wait until night time, they can get back up and go heal or something). Alternatively, config file settings can allow sunlight to kill kindred totally or set the minimum HP level higher, so that the kindeed will not reach the point of unconsciousness.
- [future/planned] Older kindred, esp those of special bloodlines/clans will gain improved resistance and even immunity to sunlight (Daywalkers). Depends on Discipline system.

* Holy Grounds [wip/Done]
- [done] Feature option and configurable via config.ini
- [done] Kindred can be harmed if they enter holy grounds (e.g. churches, monastries).
- [done] Similar to Damage from sunlight in many ways. can be treated as the same, just that the conditions of activation (indoors/outdoors/time dependent) is different.
- [done] Similar concepts of resistance and tolerance.
- [done] Option to vary it according to kindred's faith and religion.
  + Faith 50 will receive 100% damage. Higher faith will reduce the damage, while having lower faith will increase it.
  + For unmatched religion, a faith of 100 will allow kindred to resist holy ground damage entirely. faith 0 will deal 200% damage,
  + For matching religion, a faith of 75 would allow the kindred to resist damage entirely, but low faith 0 will deal 400% damage,

* Unholy Sites [idea]
- The counter part to holy grounds, in the category of special places affecting kindred.
- Currently graveyards? possibly cellars in Alchemist/Mage's guild?
- [idea]Regenerate HP just by staying there (may be subjected to skills in the future)
- [idea]Regenerate powers required to use certain skills and measures (require Disciplines, Skills and Powers)?  Is it possible to have some effect like hastening cooldown timers? e.g. checking cooldown timers for certain measures and setting new values over them to make them re-usable sooner?
- [idea]Special interactions?

* Deep Sleep [wip]
- Kindred enters a stasis/regenerative state deeper than sleep (called Torpor)
- [done]  Kindred regenerate faster then humans during sleep.
- [idea] May be dependent on a "alignment" or "humanity" attribute. Higher humanity Kindred generates more during sleep while kindred of low humanity may find that sleep do not help them as much.
- [idea] Sleep can reduce Beast rating slightly, which fits the lore idea that vampires can sleep for prolonged period of time (years, decades, even centuries) to keep the Beast under control. (which also implies that those vampires who sleep for very long time are usually the "bad boys")

* Kindred Skills, Abilities and Powers [wip]
- This mainly deals with the manner with which it is implemented in the mod, rather than being end features.
- [idea] Abilities and Powers just do things. How they are available and governed with respect to frequency and applicability of being used is up to Bloodline Traits and  Clan Disciplines which comes later.
- [planned] 3 categories
  + States - The ability/power do not do anything directly in the mod. Instead, they changes other in-game values which indirectly affects gameplay. For example, adding a bonus to a basic skill, changing the speed of movement etc. States refers that these abilities and powers are always on in a fire and forget style.
  + Passives - These are abilities which are always on (like States), but are processed actively and continuously by the mod in the background. For example, similar to Sun damage
  + Actives - These are abilities/powers which are manually activated by the Kindred (via Measures). they may require certain resource (e.g. HP) and conditions to be usable.

* Bloodline Traits [Idea]
- [idea] Governs the availability of some abilities and powers.
- [idea] Kindred will automatically gain these (no choice) according to the bloodline and the potency (different from Discipline, which depends on Clan and involve a choice)
- [idea] These will be used to give kindred from each bloodline more unique characteristics.
- [idea] As a result of the lack of choice, Kindred from the same bloodlines will gain similar set of traits, the difference mainly in the speed at which they are developing.

* Clan Disciplines [wip]
- [wip] Governs the availability of some abilities and powers.
- [wip] A Discipline can progress through level, and will directly affect which skills the kindred can use
- [idea] Each kindred Clan specializes in a group of Disciplines, which makes the corresponding abilities and powers available for learning by its members. The same Discipline may be specialized in by more than one clan.
- [idea] Unlike Bloodline Traits, Kindred can choose which Discipline to learn and to what degree to specialize
- [idea] The number and degree of specializations depends on the Kindred's potency.

* Humanity and the Beast [Idea]
- [idea] Humanity is the overall "alignment" of the Kindred. It is a measure of how closely a kindred clings to the morality and values of their life as a mortal human being
- [idea] It is not exactly a measure of "good" vs "evil", though due to the "synergy between "evil" and "unholy powers", most evil characters end up with low Humanity. Extremes can exists: e.g. an evil kindred who still possesses a mortal value of life.
- [idea] Humanity is influenced by the kindred's actions (which alters his self-perceptions). Actions which discourage the kindred from thinking of himself as human will reduce Humanity, while action which promotes it will raise Humanity.
- [idea] Actions, such as human social interactions, human habits (drinking/eating/music/art/luxury/human power structure) will promote Humanity.
- [idea] Actions, such as using Kindred powers (vary with some powers having minimal impact to others costing more humanity), including Dark Kiss/Embrace can reduce Humanity.
- [idea] The Beast "refers to the inner predator that strives for control over a vampire's mind." It is like a "mood" which is also influenced by actions, measuring how composed, or in-control the kindred is.
- [idea] Things which agitates, angers, excites and cause any form of intense emotions in the kindred raises the Beast level, while the action which calms the kindred's mind and body will reduce it.
- [idea] The most common way of suppressing the Beast is to Sleep, or enter the Torpor.
- [idea] Takikng holy damage on holygrounds may also reduce Beast ratings (though it will be somewhat offset by the increased Beast emotions caused by loss of HP)
- [idea] Frenzy - Humanity is used as a check against the Beast. When the Beast level exceeds the Humanity level, the kindred will enter a "state of pure animalistic fight or flight", known as Frenzy. Question: How to best implement this in behavior? e.g. causing the Frenzied Kindred to attack anybody nearby, draining blood etc until the Frenzy eventually dies down (usually with everybody nearby dead...)

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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview 2)
« Reply #5 on: 09 December 2015, 05:24:39 »
Old thread I know, but will this work for the newest verson?

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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview 2)
« Reply #6 on: 09 December 2015, 08:43:31 »
Old thread I know, but will this work for the newest verson?
Try it out and see how it runs. Looks like it was made for patch 4.21 :)

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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview 2)
« Reply #7 on: 11 December 2015, 19:56:51 »
Old thread I know, but will this work for the newest verson?
Try it out and see how it runs. Looks like it was made for patch 4.21 :)

I havent had the chance to try it yet, but while I have you here do you happen to know where the merc road toll measure file is? Ive looked and looked but for the life of me cant find it.


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Re: [Experiment] Kindred - Alternate Immortality (Preview 2)
« Reply #8 on: 13 December 2015, 01:50:50 »
I was gonna check on my shortchange but slept for like 16 hours. I'll let you know in a few days :)