Author Topic: some problem with patch 4.20b  (Read 947 times)

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some problem with patch 4.20b
« on: 04 May 2015, 17:57:32 »
I have big problems with the patch 4.20b
Most of the time, the game crashes in the assembly hall and I have to restart the computer (PC does not perform any function, not even CTRL ALT CANC)
Also in voting always vote and only one person. The other members can never vote ...
After updating the game it became unplayable
example for council
There are 3 positions, mayor, judicial officer and mentor.
I am judicial officer in charge. Should vote the mayor (his wife is a candidate) and the mentor.
The mentor does not vote
Unfortunately, only the mayor vote, and I lose the office.

Voting for mentor
There are 3 candidate. My wife is a candidate as a mentor. ..
We will have to vote in 2 (the mentor is candidate)...but I can't vote...only Major vote...
My saved game(only for election problem):

Also suddenly disappear images to identify people's faces

I have WIN 8.1
Intel I7-4790 CPU 3.60GhZ
RAM 16.0 GB
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX970 (Last driver installed)
I start the game with administrator rights and in compatibility mode of Windows 7(I tried also with XP SP3)

P.S. Sorry for bad english