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« on: 02 August 2015, 09:08:39 »
Hello all my name is Eciek and I just want to say that I love this game. Even though it has a history of being extremely buggy that did not keep me from playing. No other game makes you feel like you are truly in the medieval world trying to become mayor of your town or waiting for that horse cart to come down the road so you can take its goods to feed your family. How about going to war for your country and receiving a paltry 500 gold?. Many fun stories in this game and many ctd and oos errors lol. I play tested the legacy mod with McCoy and a few other players and I remember the pope excommunicating me and losing everything that I worked hard for that my family worked hard for!. I have team speak server we mostly play paradox games like eu4 and ck2 and Victoria 2 but we all enjoy a good game of the guild. I implore anyone who sees this to stop by on my teamspeak server at and even too add me on steam Eciek The Great. We are American with members on the east and west coast but we also have a group of Irishmen some Brits a polish guy some Croatian kid and a German and a weird Swedish guy who thinks he's a mayor or something so please stop by I guarantee it will be fun :)

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Re: TeamSpeak
« Reply #1 on: 06 August 2015, 05:14:17 »

I will try to join in  :o very new to multiplayer so..