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Weird Mouse issue
« on: 19 August 2015, 07:07:04 »
So I played the game late last year fine, in window mode. Now I just reinstalled the game, installed up to the newest 4.211 patch.
The mouse issue is that the cursor freezes after "X" amount of time in game, but I can still move the mouse around and interact with the game menus and buttons and what not. When i hold down right mouse button, the mouse icon will go to the correct part on the screen.

Tried reinstalling, reinstalled with compat mode, reinstalled directx, verified text size is smallest (100%), ran in compat mode as xp sp3, vista - vista sp2, as admin, not admin, with disable desktop composition and disable display scaling turned off and off, (Multiple different ways) Windowed mode with different resolutions, full screen with different resolutions, 1024x764 to 2560x1600. The mouse is fine, this is the only game this does it to. All drivers are up to date.

Just frustrated and want to play this nice little time waster. Attached the log file. Any ideas?

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, I7 4930k, 32GB Ram, dual 780ti graphics cards, driver 353.62.
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