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Looking for mods
« on: 21 February 2017, 12:11:27 »
 Hi all of the mods here have error --- >404 - Attachment Not Found i searhed everywhere on google atd. and nothing... anyone know if this mods still exists ? (I already have two "main" mods from Fajeth and McCoy)
i created from these two mods modifed game (for yourself) :D but i need "general" mod like  DD v0.1 from Lex0R or Politik mod from LordProtektor (i know how to create mods or modified or create new offices... i'm really expierenced on this) i think Fajeth and McCoy have the best mods i'm trying to make this game hard as possible
Note - im not a programmer :D but i play and testing this game since first guild came out. I know The Guild 3 will be soon but i need to try make this thx
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