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[Ich weiß das ist das dt. Board, aber meine Übersetzung wurde soeben nicht übernommen weil diese Nummernüberprüfung dazwischen kam -.- -> Google Übersetzer benutzen]

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I will make another new topic for Multiplayer, although there are plenty of it already. Nevertheless I considered it as quite useful to make this topic, because this is a bit different:

I am from a former Battlefield 3 Clan (64th Brigade), today we are a Multi-Gaming-Clan with a fair amaount of different games we play every day. We met us on our Teamspeak Server, exspecially in the evening, but also in the afternoon/noon or even in the morning sometimes. The Guild 2 Renaissance is our "newest" game we began to play and lots of our members like it very much. We are maybe 7 players atm, the amount is steadily growing.

With this post I would like to invite you to join our Teamspeak to play Die Gilde (or anything else), which was also the intention behind this here -> We are looking for players.

Here some specific data:
- The Guild 2 Renaissance with Fajehs MegaModpack
- TS-IP:
- Most of our members speak german, some of us can speak good english, one of us is from France. So we are open to everyone :)

Fell free to join our TS, we will also hear any other opinion considering the mods or something else.

Awaitig you soon^^,


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Re: 64th Brigade ---- Die Gilde 2 Renaissance MP ---- with TS
« Reply #1 on: 06 August 2013, 17:25:40 »
Sounds very cool, but since a few days I use McCoy's Legacy ModPack (which you should definetly give a try!!).

I'll have a look at your server, but my clear advice is to use the ModPack (all) :)

I'm German too  :P