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Change of time area
« on: 22 April 2011, 04:17:28 »
I was wondering if there was going to be a same style of Guild 2 Renn in a different time period? It would be interesting to have a 1600-1700 time period. Where there could be swordsmen schools on different style of sword play Spain/France/England etc. Also a thought far out there by using legend and lore to a reality. Ghost,werewolves,vampires,jack the ripper,Jeckle&Hyde in the game. the possibilities on how to use them are far and many to the imagination. There is also the ever expanding trade routes to Africa,China, and the Americas. Just a thought to throw out there for everyone.

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Re: Change of time area
« Reply #1 on: 22 April 2011, 09:27:39 »
Yes the time period will change into the 30 years war. But I don't think that legends and stuff will have much influence on the game, although I have to agree that it could be an interesting gameplay element :)