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Betatester needed!
« on: 25 June 2011, 17:55:34 »
Thanks for the many applications, I think we've got enough testers for the moment :)

Since we want to deliver the next patch for Renaissance as polished as possible, we're now searching for people who want to help us to achieve this goal. If you're interested in testing the game during development, please contact us via office(at) and don't forget to tell us your nickname on the forum.
Please only contact us if:
- You have fun playing The Guild 2
- You either know how to use project management tools and bugtracker or you want to learn it
- You are checking your emails regularly so we can contact you
- It would be nice if you could join some multiplayer sessions via Hamachi

What we can offer:
- You will be prioritized regarding other betatests (e.g. for Kontor)
- The possibility to influence the patch
- Our thankfulness :)
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