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Newsflash March 2011
« on: 28 March 2011, 12:17:26 »
I post the Newsflash from march here to be complete:

It's been a while since we informed you about our activities, so we thought it's time for some piece of information to bring you back up to date

1. The Runeboard moves
...again. At this point we want to thank MoK for providing us a forum on his server, but we have to find our own home - also for our future projects. Because this board is linked to MoK's fan-forum we can't export just the Runeboard users, and because we don't want to force anyone to register at our forum we'd like to ask you to register at our new place too.
You can reach our new board at, but also our old board will be available for some time and then it will remain on-line as a read-only archive.

2. New infrastructure
We'll provide a new (and final) bugtracker where we will import all open bugs from this forum's bugtracker. You'll be able to reach our new bugtracker at

3. Next patch
As it was already mentioned: A new patch is already in development, but we can't say much more at the moment.

4. Further features and upgrades for Guild 2 - Renaissance
Some time ago some of you asked how much it would cost to pay us for implementing new features into Renaissance. We thought about it and came to a conclusion that this could be a good chance for The Guild 2 to improve even further.
Therefore we made a plan, but we need the help of the community to accomplish it:
The best ideas for improvements of The Guild 2 - Renaissance always came from the community. That's why we want to give you the chance to still bring in your proposals in the future. We will gather your ideas and implement the best ones in small mini-addons.
You can support these projects in terms of money with donations, if you want to. As soon as the base is funded, we'll begin to work on the project. Of course we'll still provide bugfixes if needed.
We want to work together with you as close as possible and therefore we want to do open alpha and beta-tests.
We've choosen the following proposal made by "Helldiver" as a prototype, because it's by far one of the best:

5. New team members
To accomplish our goal, we've enlarged our team. Rocky has been around for a while, but he wasn't officially introduced as team member yet. Also we are supported by three new graphic artists: iks, Mütze and Lightning (some of you may already know them from the JoWooD-Board).

6. Project X
Furthermore, to get you even more excited about our next project, we can tell you that the game will be known as "Kontor". To those of you with a keen memory, this name is surely not unfamiliar as it refers to a foreign trading post of the Hanseatic League. More information as well as some artwork will be revealed soon as we love to tease you.