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« on: 05 November 2011, 19:54:53 »
Hello all, i would like to share a few ideas about what Kontor game should have  ::)

As we all know Europa 1400 the guild was the best of the serries and is still played, was a great succes, so what Kontor should have in my opinion, would be nice to have an option for players to choose, the option to play as poor class wich u start from scratch, as a simple commoner, and later forge a great dinasty in time, become a tailor or have ur own tannery, by selling hides, hunting in the woods, or u can work as a woodcuter to sustain ur family from a day to another  :D, and in time u can buy a title and move from a small smelly village in a big prosperous town  ;), and make fortune by working as a servant to keep ur childrens in schools, and help them to make the university and soon u can buy a title, from generation to generation u can become mayor and rule a city or ur a guild leader and u can lead the guild of ur domain  ;D, many to add , i hope my ideas are helpfull and some of them will be added  ;D share ur opinios about my threat best regards/wishes!!.