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A few thoughts and suggestions...
« on: 20 November 2011, 03:46:17 »
Ello all,

Recently I've placed many games, The First Templar, Mount and Blade, Dawn of Discovery, Patrician Three and Settles 7.  And to this the Guild Renaissance.  You may have noticed a trend there.  :) 

It has occured to me that they all have parts of what could become, at least in my opinion, the ultimate game.

To start with, have the younger charectors come in with some cash and nuetral skills.  The amount of cash depends on the difficulty settings.  Then have them get a job / apprentice with a member of the guild for the career that interests them.  Have them work through the apprenticeship, or in farming's case, build up a good farm set up.  the skill level of the master can change the fee level charged, but know that going cheap by choice limits the skills learned.

For housing, start as many people back then probably did.  A rented room, possibly shared to save on costs.  As they make more money, income, they could move to private rented room, rented business buildings with sleeping area, owning thier own business building with sleeping area, buying the building, buying land for such a building, improving the building, buying land and starting a house, improving the house, having to move and build anew when current land house on not big enough to meet wishes, or keeping buildings.  Also chance of renting out old buildings, taking apprentices in future.

Keep food desires more realistic.  Have there be a need for food to be there in house, as it is used up, replace it, etc.  Better foods get better results.  Same thing with apprentices and workers.  Better fed, better results.  This also keeps things more lifelike.  Working around the clock can profitable, but very few indeed can keep it up for any lengh of time. 

Buildings and scenery.  How lifelike can it be made?  I know somethings we would want to done down for decency / rating sake, but beyond that how much can it be made to look we are seeing through a window into that time?  As to the buildings, have lots of variation based on what charector does to enhance them.  I would also like to see the 'home' set ups such that if something bought for the home, it would be visible in the 'homescape'.  The computer players can do the same through random generators.

Titles and politics.  Politics seems to be well enough. Split titles between clerical and non clerical.  Have clerics go through the church.  Perhaps have titles also split between town and fuedal. Town titles can go through city hall.  Fuedal can go through local lord's agent.  Or maybe also have them at town hall as if the local monarch is cash desperate.

Let's see.  What else?  World size.  Make it big enough to have mulitple environments.  And space within those areas for multiple settlements.  Thou it has been said that few people traveled more than 15 miles from thier birthplace, if we are showing a merchant economy, we need exterior places to trade and many of them to justify a wide selection of goods.  Each region / settlement could have a specialty and those things they are best at.  Varying weather and weather related events would also be excellent.

I hope this is a good start on making the 'Next Great Game'.

Thanks for reading this,