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Share youre modifications...
« on: 27 August 2014, 16:07:20 »
Hello Guild fans & Freakz,
today I would like to address all hardworking modders & especially to the English fans!

After many hours of hard work, our forum is now "Multilingual" and got a completely redesigned download section. I therefore invite all modders to us on to put your modifications in our download area available for all users! At the same time you can be sure that your modifications are kept safe on my server and you never has problems with dead Mirrors
As a registered user you can upload your modifications on your own and introduced them in our modding forum.

At the same time we are no longer separate the Forum between German and the English Areas. We are ONE fan base and we need ONE Board.

Therefore, all areas in the Forum fit (menu language, descriptions forums, forums names ect.) of your chosen language!
This allows visitors and fans without a lot of clicking in a forum Find Your modifications and we all can talk  about our "The Guild" in ONE forum :)
I would be glad if our German-speaking fan base will be expanded soon to many English-speaking fans, and we have lots of fun together!

The “goal” here is quite clear: should “startpoint Nr1” for modders and fans of the game series! We want all modifications sorted well and clearly make available to all players!


P. S. I hope the text is translated somewhat understandable. The englishe language never was me ... ^^