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Question & Suggestion
« on: 18 July 2012, 09:58:34 »
First, the question! Will cities evolve in Kontor? IE: if you start out in some small backwater village, as it grows will roads be paved and defensive walls go up around the town & such?

As for the suggestion, I don't know if such a map would fit in with the time frame the game will take place in, but I think it would be cool to see a map of 3-4 villages that start out as a collection of huts, with nothing other than a market & town hall that basically becomes a race to be built up into the capital (if you're incorporating that into this game).

Hansa is my favorite map in G2:R, and even though it wouldn't be historically correct, I always wished I could turn Bergen from a sleepy little fishing village into the Imperial City.  :P

(oh and I'm sure you guys have this covered already but no roads over oceans on water maps please, hehe ;D)