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Buying Buildings
« on: 21 August 2012, 22:55:55 »
Starting a new game, I would like to buy a building rather than start with a competitor.  However, in some instances, I cannot ever buy a building; specifically, no mines, and no crofts.  I know that money is not the issue as I often have double the normal funds and the building has no inventory.  Is this a bug or working as intended?

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Re: Buying Buildings
« Reply #1 on: 22 August 2012, 05:43:11 »
I think this is normal. You can try lower the number of dynasties to have more chance, not sure though.
Mines is usualy make high profit and hardly available to buy at the begining of games (may be not at all).
AFAIK, rogue buildi˙y have the highest chance to buy