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Title: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: Napi96 on 15 August 2014, 19:38:25
FH aka nirvana posted this ( at (former

Last link directs you to the facebook page and the first two links should show you some screenshots. ;)
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: General Chaos on 16 August 2014, 02:29:10
Thanks for the link.  It looks and sounds promising.  I wonder if it's using the darksiders or darksiders 2 engine.  Also, the prospect of dark societies sounds cool. 
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: Napi96 on 16 August 2014, 11:06:40
Well... here's a link in German.

But I can write you a summary. :)

- It will use the Phoenix-Engine from Darksiders
- later the engine will show Germany in different seasons
- it's about a medieval world, in which you have to increase your political power with the help of various guilds
- the first time in the series there will be secret societies available for large dynasties (such as the Freemasons)

- The game will be released on Steam in 2015.

Hope you understand my English. :D
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: Napi96 on 25 August 2014, 10:47:08
Sorry for doubleposting, just found that:
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: Scandal on 11 September 2014, 09:54:33
Abandoned lower-city after a plague... frightening, right?
But please keep in mind: it is still work-in-progress!

Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: reaper200 on 20 September 2014, 14:14:22
Wow!!! This is the best gaming news in years. Really wasn't expecting this! Can't remember last time I was so excited by a game. Can't wait!
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: H.-P. on 20 September 2014, 15:55:21
Can't wait!

Its like Yoda said: "Patience you must have."  ;)
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: laser50 on 20 September 2014, 17:47:00
We'll see how multi player is before I get too excited :P
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: Scandal on 10 October 2014, 17:10:35
Not only honest and law-abiding citizen strolling along the streets and lanes of our cities... here: the perfidious thief!

Title: TG3 wishlist & suggestions
Post by: General Chaos on 12 December 2014, 02:34:55
So I just posted this to a thread on TG2 steam forums, but figures some Guild 3 devs might be more likely to take a peak at it here.  I do appreciate the time it takes to read through this stuff, so please excuse my long-windedness.

I personally don’t think much needs to be streamlined.  The Guild 2 already has some automation features (e.g., trade routes and AI control), but they just don’t work very well.  The most efficient thing to do would be to fix these and put them in TG3.
I’d also rather not see an increased focus on combat, at least not at the expense of the non-combat activities.  Those are, after all, what separates The Guild franchise from many other games.  They’ve already mentioned secret societies, so I would imagine there will be more intrigue involved, so that’s good. 

With all that said, here’s my wish list for features I’d like to see added on top of TG2 formula (which I really do think is close to perfect IF it were bug free):

•   Mountable horses and/or wagons.

•   More cooperative goals that the entire city can pursue.  Some players and AI might choose to work against the civic good, but there would be benefits for everyone if they worked together (for an example, see Crusader Kings’ religion system).

•   Item quality system that ideally factors in the quality of raw resources.

•   A more robust market system that simulates supply and demand better, facilitating options like hoarding, blockades, etc.

•   An extended personality system.  Again, see Crusader Kings’ system.  Attributes like in that system on top of TG2’s skill/stat/perk system would be quite robust.

•   More detailed indications/explanations of when, why and how favor with other dynasties is gained or lost.  In TG2 it is sometimes a bit of a guessing game.

•   Increased seasonal events, including holiday festivals and spring/fall markets that attract foreign traders.

And here are a few things I definitely want to remain pretty much the same as TG2:

•   A focus on small cities, rather than HUGE maps.  12 Dynasties in one game is already plenty, in my opinion, and again, the micro-scale of The Guild is what sets it apart.  It is not a macro level economic, nor political sim.

•   Control over only 3 dynasty members at a time.  Again, this places emphasis on micro-level decision making and also forces players to make choices about what dynasty members they value, as well as careful consideration of how to groom/train future adult dynasty members.

•   The most important thing to keep as a central component is, in my opinion, the focus on having the AI capable of EVERYTHING the player is.  Even if they don’t do it extremely well, this is one thing that makes The Guild 2 seem so alive.  Few games attempt to simulate an actual economy and social system.  Games like Skyrim and other sandbox RPGs consistently brag about AI “routines” but in The Guild the AI is actually dynamic.  PLEASE keep this the case and do note fake the AI and create shortcuts to simply give the appearance of a dynamic ecosystem. 

Okay; that turned out a bit longer than I expected.  If anyone actually reads it, thanks for taking the time.
Title: Re: The Guild 3 is coming!
Post by: jojobe on 01 June 2015, 02:54:49
PLEASE fix the trade carts they are HORRIBLE. They pull both raw materials or crafted at random. You never now what the AI will take so you have to manuel it.